Are Birkenstocks Cheaper in Europe? Discover the Best Deals Now!

Birkenstocks are generally cheaper in Europe compared to other regions. In Europe, Birkenstock prices are typically lower than in other parts of the world due to factors such as production and distribution costs.

Benefits Of Buying Birkenstocks In Europe

Planning to update your footwear collection with some comfortable and stylish Birkenstock sandals? Before you make your purchase, there are several advantages to consider when buying Birkenstocks in Europe.

From the opportunity to save money through VAT refunds to having access to a wider selection of exclusive European models, here are some compelling reasons why purchasing Birkenstocks in Europe can be advantageous.

Vat Refund

When it comes to buying Birkenstocks in Europe, one significant benefit is the potential VAT refund. The Value Added Tax (VAT) is a consumption tax included in the purchase price of goods and services throughout Europe. Non-European Union (EU) residents can reclaim this tax by following a simple process.

By completing the necessary paperwork and meeting the requirements, you can enjoy significant savings on your Birkenstock purchase. The amount you save will vary depending on the VAT rate in the specific country of purchase, potentially making your Birkenstocks more affordable compared to buying them elsewhere.

Currency Exchange Rates

Another advantage of buying Birkenstocks in Europe is the potential to take advantage of favorable currency exchange rates. If you are visiting Europe from a country with a stronger currency, such as the US dollar or British pound, you may find that your money goes further when purchasing Birkenstocks.

With a more favorable exchange rate, you can enjoy additional savings on your footwear. Monitoring exchange rates and planning your purchase accordingly can help maximize these potential benefits.

Greater Selection

European Birkenstock retailers often carry a wider selection of styles, colors, and sizes compared to their counterparts in other countries. Whether you’re looking for a specific model or simply enjoy having more options to choose from, buying Birkenstocks in Europe allows you access to a greater range of products. With this broader selection, you can find the perfect pair that fits your unique style and preferences.

Exclusive European Models

When it comes to shoe fashion, European markets often enjoy exclusive access to models that are not available in other regions. By purchasing Birkenstocks in Europe, you have the opportunity to get your hands on these exclusive European models before they reach the global market. Stay ahead of the fashion curve and add a touch of European flair to your footwear collection by purchasing Birkenstocks in Europe.

Popular Destinations In Europe For Birkenstock Shopping

Europe is famous for its rich history, diverse cultures, and stunning landscapes. But did you know that it’s also a paradise for Birkenstock enthusiasts? If you’re a fan of this renowned German brand and want to score some great deals, you’re in luck! Several countries in Europe offer a wide range of Birkenstock options at more affordable prices compared to other parts of the world.


It’s no surprise that Germany, Birkenstock’s homeland, is an ideal place to hunt for discounted Birkenstocks. With its long-standing history and deep connection to the brand, Germany is home to numerous Birkenstock stores and outlets.

So, whether you’re exploring Berlin, Munich, or Hamburg, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from, ranging from traditional styles to the latest collections. This makes Germany an absolute must-visit destination for Birkenstock enthusiasts.


Spain, known for its sunny beaches and vibrant culture, is another European country where you can snag some wallet-friendly Birkenstock deals. Cities like Barcelona and Madrid are packed with stores offering a wide variety of models at competitive prices.

Whether you’re strolling along Las Ramblas or exploring the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter, keep an eye out for the distinctive comfort and quality of Birkenstock sandals waiting to be discovered.


If you find yourself in Portugal, don’t miss the opportunity to explore its Birkenstock shopping scene. Lisbon, the country’s capital, is teeming with stores offering an extensive Birkenstock collection. From classic sandals to trendy options, you’ll find something to suit your style. As you meander through the charming streets of Lisbon or relax on the sunny beaches, be sure to check out the fantastic Birkenstock deals available, which are often lower compared to other parts of Europe.


Italy, famed for its fashion and style, is also a fantastic destination for Birkenstock lovers. Cities like Rome, Florence, and Milan boast a wide range of stores where you can find authentic Birkenstock merchandise at affordable prices. Amid the stunning architecture and ancient ruins, you’ll have the opportunity to combine your love for Birkenstock comfort with the Italian passion for design. So, make sure to explore the various shopping districts in these cities to find the perfect pair to accompany you on your European adventures.


Last but not least, the Netherlands is a country well worth visiting for Birkenstock enthusiasts seeking a great deal. In cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam, you’ll find stores that stock an impressive selection of Birkenstock footwear. From the iconic Arizona sandals to the cozy Boston clogs, the Netherlands offers an extensive range to cater to all preferences. So, while you’re exploring the picturesque canals and vibrant tulip fields, make sure to include Birkenstock shopping on your itinerary.

Tips For Finding The Best Deals In Europe

Discover the ultimate tips for scoring the best deals in Europe. Uncover if Birkenstocks are cheaper in Europe and learn how to find the best bargains while exploring the continent’s diverse shopping destinations.

Researching Prices Online

When it comes to finding the best deals on Birkenstocks in Europe, one of the first steps you should take is researching prices online. By doing so, you can gain valuable insights into the average cost of Birkenstocks in different European countries, allowing you to gauge where the best opportunities for savings lie.

Start by visiting the official Birkenstock website, which provides a comprehensive list of authorized retailers in various European countries. Take note of the prices listed on these websites, and compare them across different countries to identify any significant price differences.

In addition to the official Birkenstock website, there are also several other online platforms that can help you compare prices. Websites like Amazon, eBay, and Zalando feature a wide range of Birkenstock models at different price points. Take advantage of the filters and search options on these platforms to find the best deals.

Visiting Outlet Stores

If you are looking to score even greater discounts on Birkenstocks in Europe, visiting outlet stores is a great option. Outlet stores often offer Birkenstock products at significantly lower prices compared to regular retail stores.

The best way to find outlet stores that sell Birkenstocks is to research ahead of time. Visit the official website of the outlet malls in the countries you plan to visit in Europe. Look for a store directory or a list of brands available at the outlet. Birkenstock might have its outlet stores, or they could have a presence in multi-brand outlet stores as well. Make note of the outlet stores that carry Birkenstock products to ensure you don’t miss out on great deals.

Shopping During Sale Seasons

Sale seasons are an excellent opportunity to snag Birkenstocks at discounted prices in Europe. Many countries in Europe have specific sale periods throughout the year when retailers offer significant discounts on various products, including footwear.

It is important to research and stay informed about the sale seasons in the countries you plan to visit. Check the websites of popular retailers in those countries, as they usually announce their sale periods in advance. Additionally, keep an eye out for any flyers or advertisements in local newspapers or magazines, as they often contain information about upcoming sales.

Taking Advantage Of Local Discounts

In addition to sale seasons, taking advantage of local discounts is another effective way to find the best deals on Birkenstocks in Europe. Many European countries offer discounts or special promotions to tourists or residents, allowing you to save even more on your Birkenstock purchase.

Some countries have tourist discount cards or programs that provide discounts on products and services. Research the availability of such cards or programs in the countries you plan to visit and take advantage of any discounts they offer on Birkenstocks.

Considering Customization Options

In Europe, many Birkenstock stores offer customization options that allow you to create a unique pair of sandals or shoes. While these options may come at an additional cost, they can be well worth it if you are looking for a truly personalized experience.

Not only does customization allow you to choose the color, pattern, and material of your Birkenstocks, but it also allows you to select specific features that cater to your individual foot shape and walking style. This can enhance comfort and provide long-term benefits for your feet.

When considering customization options, it is essential to research the additional costs involved. Determine whether the added cost is within your budget and whether the customization options are available in the countries you plan to visit in Europe.

Factors To Consider When Buying Birkenstocks In Europe

When it comes to buying Birkenstocks in Europe, there are several factors that savvy shoppers should consider. From concerns about authenticity and counterfeits to shipping and import taxes, finding the best deal on these popular sandals requires some careful thought. Additionally, differences in sizing and fit, as well as return and exchange policies, can vary across countries. In this article, we’ll delve into these important factors to help you make an informed decision when purchasing Birkenstocks in Europe.

Authenticity And Counterfeit Concerns

One of the primary factors to consider when buying Birkenstocks in Europe is the authenticity of the product. While Europe is the birthplace of Birkenstock, counterfeit versions of these sandals can still be found in the market. To ensure you are getting genuine Birkenstocks, it’s essential to purchase from trusted retailers. Look for authorized dealers and official stores in the country you are visiting or consider making your purchase directly through the official Birkenstock website.

Shipping And Import Taxes For Online Purchases

If you are planning to buy Birkenstocks online from a European retailer, it’s crucial to factor in the shipping costs and potential import taxes. While some retailers offer free or discounted shipping, others may charge high shipping fees depending on your location. Additionally, be aware that importing goods from another country can incur customs charges and import taxes. Before making a purchase, carefully review the retailer’s shipping and returns policy to ensure you are fully aware of any additional costs involved.

Sizing And Fit Differences

While Birkenstocks are renowned for their comfort and ergonomic design, it’s important to note that there may be sizing and fit differences between European and non-European versions. European sizes typically follow the metric system, while other regions may use different sizing conventions. Before ordering online or trying on a pair in-store, consult the retailer’s size guide to ensure you select the right size for your feet. Keep in mind that Birkenstocks are meant to have a slightly looser fit, so it’s always a good idea to go up a size if you are unsure.

Return And Exchange Policies

Lastly, familiarize yourself with the return and exchange policies of the retailer you choose when purchasing Birkenstocks in Europe. Each store may have different policies regarding returns and exchanges, especially for online purchases. Look for retailers with generous return policies that allow you to exchange or refund your purchase within a reasonable timeframe. Keep in mind that returning or exchanging items across international borders can be more complicated and may incur additional costs.

Frequently Asked Questions For Are Birkenstocks Cheaper In Europe

Are Birkenstocks Cheaper In The Us Or Europe?

Birkenstocks may be cheaper in Europe compared to the US. Prices can vary depending on the specific style, location, and any current promotions or sales. It’s recommended to compare prices between both regions to determine the best deal.

Are Birkenstocks Good For Traveling Europe?

Yes, Birkenstocks are ideal for traveling in Europe. They offer comfort, support, and durability, making them perfect for long walks and exploring different terrains. Their quality construction ensures they can withstand the demands of travel.

Is Birkenstock From Europe?

BIRKENSTOCK is a European brand known for its comfortable footwear, originating from Germany. It has a rich history of over 240 years and is popular worldwide for its quality and craftsmanship.

Are Birkenstocks Fashionable In Paris?

Yes, Birkenstocks are quite fashionable in Paris. They are trendy and popular among locals and tourists alike.


If you’re considering buying Birkenstocks and wondering if they’re cheaper in Europe, the answer is yes. With factors such as lower production costs and fewer import taxes, European prices tend to be considerably more cost-effective. So, if you have the opportunity to purchase Birkenstocks while traveling in Europe, it’s likely you’ll find a better deal compared to buying them elsewhere.

Happy shopping!

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